Re: Something like Karen's Replicator for windows 8?

slery <slerythema@...>

I have found that it doesn't work well in windows 10 anymore. It does not replicate the creation of folders within folders any more and simply labels them as errors.

I also use Allway sync. Originally I used it for syncing some folders between my desktop and sd cards. It will create folders and delete folders in both directions as necessary. You can create as many jobs as you like and run them all or one at a time. I have now moved the items I used in Karen's over to Allway Sync. The things in Karen's was set to run nightly to update my backup drive with the days changes (the backup drive syncs to off-site backup).

Allway sync has been around for a very long time (XP) and I did pay for the license to allow me to use as many files as I want (for backup jobs there are enough free files to let you try it out well before purchasing). The developer is very helpful and even sent me a new license when it was lost in one of my moves to a new computer. The license is forever and there are updates occasionally.

And since I didn't specifically mention it. It is accessible.


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Hi folks.

Subject says it all.

It was a really good program, but it doesn't seem to work in windows 8 anymore.

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