Re: Suggestion: Switch from Email List to a Forum

Antony Stone

I would have no objection to changing the list to a forum provided that:

a) it remains possible for those who prefer email to continue to both send and
receive messages by email

b) it remains possible to search an archive of the list/forum so that people
who have questions in the future which have already been answered have a
chance of finding that answer through Google etc

I would most definitely not be in favour of moving from a mailing list to a
forum if that requires everybody to log in to a web page and look there for
any new messages.


On Thursday 10 August 2017 at 17:20:26, Noah Carver via Groups.Io wrote:


Okay, I'm not trying to kick the hornet's nest, but would it be more
beneficial to switch from to a web forum? PunBB, for example,
is very accessible and configurable, and it can be set up to email users
when they get a message from a forum topic that a user has subscribed to.


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