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For people experiencing issues Rob and Gene are talking about, make sure the latest Windows 10 App Essentials version you've got is:
* NVDA 2017.2: version 17.08.1 with update channel set to stable.
* NVDA master or next: 20170809A-dev or later.

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I got lost in this somewhere.
I've never had that sound that I can recall when hitting the start button. I used 2017.2 fora short while, but each time I used firefox and I switched to a different window and back to the browser it would have focus mode switched to on. I would even try to hit escape or NVDA and spacebar to toggle it off. The only way I could go back to using firefox again was to restart the entire program. It didn't do that to me with Chrome, just firefox. I downgraded to 2017.1 and had kept the app updated.

Today when I updated the addon (I have it look for updates) it started doing the same thing to me again. So I have 2017.1 and the latest build of app essentials. Should I install one of the latest snapshots of NVDA or try to find a downgrade from the current version of app essentials to fix this problem?

sorry for not creating a new thread regarding this, but I thought it might be related some how since Gene had mentioned his issue with forms mode being wonky.

On 8/10/17, Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...> wrote:

I just notice when i went to do a search on my windows 10 computer it
does not seem to go into focus mode to type in your search. This is
using nvda 2017.2 and the very latest win essentials. I am using the
stable version of that add on.

Also if any thing did come up as mentioned there was no sound and i do
not hink any results.

I disabled the add on and every ting goes back to normal. I can put in
the search and it comes up results.

can any one else come up with the same results? put the add on back on
and it goes strange again. By the way i am using wind 10 creators update.

Gene nz

On 11/08/2017 10:06, Joseph Lee wrote:
When you switch channels and check for updates, whatever the latest
update is out there will be offered to you (in case of stable,
Okay, I'll make this official: anyone using NVDA 2017.2, please use
stable version of Windows 10 App Essentials until NVDA 2017.3 is
released, as current add-on development snapshots contain code
that'll not work in prior NVDA releases. The issue Rob has reported
is because the swoosh sound you would have heard when you search for
things in Start menu is now part of NVDA itself, starting from
version 2017.3. In other words, I am the developer who coded search
suggestion sounds code in NVDA (along with fixing repeated toast
announcement bug) , which supports Gene's assertions from earlier
that features of some add-ons are being integrated into NVDA if NV
Access believes it'll benefit everyone. There are some interesting
things NV Access and the community (including I) are researching,
which should make NVDA more powerful and fun to use in the future,
but as noted, sacrifices must be made along the way.

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Joseph Lee <joseph.lee22590@...> wrote:
Are you perhaps using NVDA 2017.2?
I have warned folks that they should switch to stable update channel
for a while until NVDA 2017.3 is released unless they are running
latest master or next NVDA snapshots.
Oh, I missed that warning, apologies.
i'll do that immediately.
Is there a way to downgrade the addon version?

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