Emergency announcement: Bitbucket add-on localization and files repository is gone, restoring from backup


Dear NVDA community,


For immediate announcement: earlier today someone who apparently had access to the Bitbucket copy of various add-on team repos has somehow deleted a bunch of repositories, including the add-on files folder used to display downloadable add-ons on the Community Add-ons page. As a result, the translation synchronization facility, as well as possibility of uploading updated add-on packages, isn’t working.


The following action will be taken:


  • The account of the person who have deleted bunch of important repositories will be suspended (or perhaps removed), effective immediately. A letter was sent to email address associated with that account.
  • Sometime tonight (my time), I will restore most of the repositories from a backup copy I have. In case everything is gone, I need help from other add-on writers in uploading their copies so the translation synchronization will work. As for add-on files folder, I will do it myself.


Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience.



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