Re: Suggestion: Switch from Email List to a Forum


the major down side of an mailing list is that people are lazy, so instead of going the web interface and doing a basic search for their issue/problem they will just send off an email rather than making an effort to find a solution for their issue/problem

Hence unnecessary traffic and frustration for all



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Yes I don't think the poster has looked properly really.

It serves all possible worlds as it stands.

It of course has the same hassles as any kind of email does that of ISPs

blocking its servers sometimes but it somehow seems to have gotten around

this by sendin you a bouncing message, one assumes using a different server

address so you actually normally get it to be able to unbounce when the

problem jas been cleared.





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> Hi,

> Believe it or not, portions of what the original poster (not Sarah and

> others) is saying has already been fulfilled: Groups.IO is indeed a forum

> provider. Although it isn't strictly a web forum, it has all the features

> of

> a basic forum, including a group wiki, calendar of events, databases,

> hashtags and what not. Some of the facilities Groups.IO offers can be

> accessed from the web, including archive management, administrative tasks,

> wiki, calendar event creation and what not.

> Cheers,

> Joseph

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> No, if tht is the case I won't participate. I have to memorise enough

> passwords already and email for me is more productive as I can take it on

> the go or whilest I'm at work.

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>> Hi,



>> Okay, I'm not trying to kick the hornet's nest, but would it be more

> beneficial to switch from to a web forum? PunBB, for example, is

> very accessible and configurable, and it can be set up to email users when

> they get a message from a forum topic that a user has subscribed to.



>> Cheers,



>> Noah











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