Re: Suggestion: Switch from Email List to a Forum

V Stuart Foote

On Fri, Aug 11, 2017 at 07:20 am, Antony Stone wrote:
... My main gripe about forums (unless they are also a mailing list in some way)is that I have to log in to it to see if there's anything new which I might benefit from or be able to answer. That's so much less convenient than having messages arrive in my inbox (or in fact my NVDA folder) and be able to answer them as easily as I answer all my other email.
The NVDA portal on already functions as both:

1). functional ML in various subscription  modes (digest, message, no-mail etc) , via the your accounts subscription panel

2). as an effective forum via the Topics view -- with messages grouped into threads with sort options. It includes an effective search

Not clear what more is needed to support users preferring either use mode.

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