Re: IMPORTANT ADVISORY: if you are using NVDA 2017.2, do NOT use Windows 10 App Essentials development snapshots

Gary Bowers

All's fine again with my Start menu after following Joseph's instructions.

Joseph, I appreciate your work, and I also appreciate the open communication
available on this list.

Life is good.

Gary in Texas

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Sent: Saturday, August 12, 2017 12:59 PM
Subject: [nvda] IMPORTANT ADVISORY: if you are using NVDA 2017.2, do NOT use
Windows 10 App Essentials development snapshots

Dear NVDA community,

The following critical advisory applies to people using Windows 10 App
Essentials add-on with NVDA versions other than latest next or master

Starting from late July 2017, I (the author of the add-on) began warning
people via various channels that they should NOT use Windows 10 App
Essentials development snapshots until NVDA 2017.3 is released, citing
massive code changes required to support the upcoming release. I would like
to reiterate this warning:

If you are using NVDA 2017.2, old master snapshots prior to August 2017
updates, or old next snapshots prior to June 2017, you should better check
the update channel for Windows 10 App Essentials. If the update channel is
set to development, please switch to stable channel, press Enter to save
changes, and press Control+NVDA+C to save settings. In case the add-on isn't
working or there is no 'Windows 10 App Essentials" in NVDA preferences menu,
chances are that the add-on is struggling to load certain components that
are only available in NVDA 2017.3. In this case, you need to manually
install stable build, which can be found at our add-ons website at The latest stable build fixes this so you'll get
updates from stable channel. Even after installing stable build,
double-check add-on update channel to make sure "stable" is the selected
channel and be sure to save settings.

The following components are only available in NVDA 2017.3 and later, some
of which came from this add-on and some the add-on now relies on:

* Search suggestion sounds.
* Live region change announcements.
* Detecting live text changes in Microsoft Edge and other apps.

Also, as I announced a few days ago, I will release Windows 10 App
Essentials 17.08.2 next week that will:

* Present a warning message if you do try to change from stable to
development channel.
* Be the last stable version to run on NVDA 2017.2 and earlier.

I will affirm my promise that I will wait at least a week after release of
NVDA 2017.3 before releasing the next version of the add-on that requires
the upcoming NVDA release. If things go as planned, version 17.09 of Windows
10 App Essentials will hit the air around Labor Day weekend in the United
States (first Monday of September).

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience.



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