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I think from reading all the mail on this one its obvious that some corruption of or non registration of some .DLL files has occurred. Sadly on some of these the only effect of their failure is that many accessibility features are crippled.
I expect somebody will be along soon with the ticket for this, and the many possible solutions. I have also seen it on older versions of Windows, so I'm sure its a common issue on many computers, but only we notice it, relying on the access systems that are broken by it.

Last time I saw it I did it with an uninstall of Office 2010, so its been an issue for some time in Office uninstallers.

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Hi Wayne,

This sounds like the same problem I have been having for a while and have posted about with no results. It seemed to
happen after office 2016 was installed. The quick navigation keys do not work in Firefox or Chrome, but they are fine in
Edge. Now that someone else hass the problem maybe something will be done about it.


On Sat, Aug 12, 2017 at 01:29:32PM -0700, Wayne Melling wrote:

My Navigation keys do not work when on a web site with internet explorer, Firefox, and google chrome. The keys do work with the edge browser and thunderbird.

I have a new computer with windows ten home 1703 version and I am using NVDA 2017.2. When I purchased the computer I also got office 2016. The store installed the office program. They had some sort of problem in registering the program and I had to do so myself. I don’t know if they attempted to uninstall the program.

My question is if they did uninstall and reinstall office what can I do to get my navigation keys working again?

I am by no means a computer whiz I would appreciate any feedback

Thank you,

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