Vivaldi Web Browser: First Impressions

Ron Canazzi

Hi Group,

With all this talk about Vivaldi web browser, I thought I would give it a try. It has promise. Quick key navigation works; the interface reminds me of Google Chrome; the text is read quite easily as in other accessible browsers such as Firefox and Internet Explorer.

There are a series of issues that make it a bit clumsy. The menus are similar to Google Chrome. There is one menu with sub menus which involve the use of the tree view type navigation system. This isn't a big problem once you get use to it. The main problem I am having is setting the browser up. The settings panel is all buttons. While the screen changes, it is difficult to keep track of the input and just what buttons to press to accept the changes. In other words, there is no OK button and you really don't know if you have successfully made a change until you close the settings panel and try the changes out.

In addition, unless there is a way to remove this and because of my difficulty with the settings panel, there might be, the browser opens with a navigation panel consisting of buttons. I would really like to get rid of this panel and have the page load normally as in other browsers.

If anyone else tries out this browser and can figure out just how to change settings more easily and how to get rid of the start panel that appears at the top of every page, I would appreciate the information and this for me would make the browser a reasonable alternative to the other standard fare.

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