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Ron Canazzi

Hi Chris,

The keystrokes are a bit different.  Control + Shift + D opens the download interface.  Control + L is used to open a address.  Control + O opens a file on your system.  The F6 key toggle and the alt + D for address bar does not work.Although it doesn't say so under settings or I don't see it there, Control+ K opens the default search bar as in Firefox.

On 8/13/2017 7:11 AM, Chris Mullins wrote:

Is Control+d a keystroke specific to this browser?  IE, Firefox, Edge and Chrome all use alt+d for this function.





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I'll try it out on captcha at some stage, but, while the web content handling seems to work fine with NVDA, it's interface isn't my style/choice otherwise - ctrl + D is meant to highlight address bar, but, doesn't seem to work properly, for example.


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On 2017-08-12 17:55, Raghavendra Janivarada wrote:

Hi NVDA Users,

Please check this browser specially made for visually impaired persons.

Up to what extend it is accessible for VI?

Is it fully compatible with NVDA?

Under Tools menue Captcha option is there.

Can we use it to solve captcha problems?

Kindly throw some light on it.




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