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That's good.  I had seen on this or another list, that it doesn't but that information may have been incorrect. 

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Friend, sorry to interrupt you. Mail app supports both IMAP and POP.


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Another list member suggested using a different e-mail program.  the message you are getting is because Outlook is crashing and you get that message every time.  The most likely explanation is that there is something in the update of Windows that is causing the problem.  I haven't used the Windows 10 app and I don't know if it is your best option.


One possibility is to try running Outlook in compatibility mode.  I don't know enough about it to comment further but that is probably the first thing to try. 


If that fails, you may want to consider other programs.  If you are using a POP3 account, the Windows 10 app doesn't support POP3.  You will have to use IMAP.  I don't know enough about IMAP to comment on it.


I can tell you that if you are using POP and want to continue using it, you can use either Thunderbird or Windows Live Mail. 


Is there any reason you are using Outlook or are you just using it because you have useed it for a long time?


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Dear all,

I have just managed to update my window 10 creaters update as my turn came as I did check the version and it did happen from 1603 to 1703

I know very little but am learning.

Now the only problem I am encountering is that when I open my outlook to read my emails, it lets me read few and stops by saying that Microsoft has encountered a problem and will notify me if the solution is found. Press alt c to cancel

I then have to keep restarting my outlook again and again as it lets me read few more and cuts off.

I am still using Microsoft office 2003

All else is working fine.

Please I do not know what Gene and Rosmary are talking about installing and un installing this stable version

If that is my problem, can someone help me with step by step instructions please.

I hope the above does make sense in explaining myself.

Thanking you all again.

With many regards always







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