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David Goldfield

I realize I'm responding to an older thread but I'm wondering if the new Google Backup and Sync app is more accessible during setup?

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On 7/16/2017 5:06 PM, Gene wrote:

If it is not accessible now, that doesn't mean it won't be.  Others may be able to tell you how to get information on whether and how long it may be before accessibility is introduced.  You can probably have your money returned, if desired assuming accessibility will take long enough for the app not to be of value to a blind user for more than just a short time from now.
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Hello all,
The concept seems great, but unfortunately this app is totally not accessible, at least in my case. I couldn't even install it to the end, since all dialogues weren't read by any of my two screenreaders. And when I think that only two months ago I bought a one-year subscription to Google Drive. How disappointing! I'll now have to look for another backup solution.


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