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I will bring this up during our Add-ons Festival (September 2017). A tentative outline of a hypothetical course on NVDA Core development is something I’d like to send to the community for feedback soon.




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Subject: Re: [nvda] I am interested in programming for NVDA


Hello all,

Stephanie, thank you for posting your interest. Somewhat like you and Tony, I would like to learn how to code and think NVDA may be a good excuse.

Would those of us novices like to work together and would any of the experts feel like being our guides?

I am proposing a sort of subgroup or informal self driven course to keep us motivated and emotionally supported.

Any takers?

Thanks again, Stephanie, for getting us out of the woodwork,



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When I started to learn coding, I was researching, which material should I study. I found some useful sources for absolutely beginners. Here is one:

when we are going to learn to code basics, then we will be able to participate in NVDA coding.

Hope, this helps.

Regards, Jožef

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