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George Zaynoun

We are still waiting David's updated tutorial for using Mail with NVDA.
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Hi all!
I am having the same success with using NVDA with Edge and Chrome.
Yesterday, I actually made Edge my default browser. I think NVDA does a little better in Edge than in Chrome. I was browsing a lot of web sites with Edge about sports. For example: <>
Worked perfectly with NVDA and Edge.
That is a large web site.
I just cannot believe what we are doing with NVDA.
Have a great one!
David Moore
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I do a lot of basic web surfing and I have came to the conclusion that
Internet Explorer is well past its prime. So many different sites work
very poorly with IE. With NVDA support of Microsoft Edge and Google
Chrome I am finding it quite easy to stop using IE all together. Of
course there is Firefox as well but I am seeing all my needs met with
Edge and Chrome.
Georges Zeinoun
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