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David Griffith

OK Thanks


Disabling the add on instantly returned the start menu edit box so it seems that it is the Windows 10 Essential add on which is at fault though removing the add on also instantly made Windows Mail more difficult to use. I have reverted to Jaws to type this email.

I thought  I was using the stable version of both NVDA and the Add-on. Fairly regularly the add on asks me to update the addon which is all that I have done after installing it.


I will remove it for the time being but is there a definitive source for the stable add on ?


I originally installed it from following a link  in an email on this list.


David Griffith







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From: Gene New Zealand
Sent: 14 August 2017 00:54
Subject: Re: [nvda] start menu problem


Hi david


There are a couple of things you can do. I just had that problem


Use the stable version of the add on if you are using nvda 2017.2 it might be set to development. This can be done in the add on.


Or you could disable it this will show it is it causing it.


Grab the latest stable version of the add on and install it.


Gene nz



On 14/08/2017 10:12, David Griffith wrote:


Actually I think this is a definite bug in the latest NVDA as others on the BCAB list have also complained of this issue.

I too have this issue as described by you since applying the latest update.

Actually what is happening my end is that when I press the Windows key I have now lost all key echo.

So if I press the windows keys and type  Word this will start Microsoft Word but there is absolutely no screen or typing feedback from NVDA from the point I press the windows key until Word has loaded.


So the search box is coming up but NVDA is not reporting on this fact or echoing any of the text typed or search suggestions offered.

Keyboard echo elsewhere works normally.

I am using the Windows 10 Essential add on which may perhaps have something to do with it.


Jaws and Narrator are interacting and reporting mormally the Windows key search box fine here so this is  a problem specific to NVDA.



David Griffith


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From: Gary Metzler
Sent: 12 August 2017 14:08
Subject: [nvda] start menu problem


Hi All,


I am using the latest nvda and the latest windows 10.  For some reason when I hit the window key the start menu dosen’t come up.  I needed to find something but, I had to use narrator to do it.  Is anyone else having this problem?  Thanks for any help.Regards, Gary kn4ox




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