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Pete <emac00@...>

  Hi  Glenn 
  The jaws cursor is the same as screen review mode in nvda.  I use insert 7 on the number key pad to turn on screen review mode. 
  Then I use insert slash key combination to move the mouse to the item I want to click on. 
  Finally the left click I use the slash key like in jaws and if I want a right click I use the star key. 
  7 reads previous line, 8 reads current line and 9 reads the next line 
  4 is previous word, 5 is current word and 6 is next word 
  1 is previous character, 2 is current character and 3 is next character 
  If you ever used the asap screen reader the review keys are similar. 
  I'll let some one else explain the object review. 
  Good luck! 
On 4/12/2016 9:38 PM, Glenn Haggerty wrote:

I'm switching from Jaws to NVDA and am struggling to understand the User's Guide. Does anyone know of any good training videos. In particular I'm having trouble understanding NVDA's equiv of the Jaws cursor and PC cursor, I read about: object navigation, the review cursor and Screen Review, system caret but the description and function of these items are not clear.

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