Re: setting up gmail to outlook on 2010


I have outlook 2010. Sorry I should have said.

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It depends what you have, the only thing you need do if it all works is
choose pop or imap in your google preffs and have only pop or only imap
selected and outlook will automatically sort itself out.

But incase it doesn't.

outgoing address

incoming, and respectively.


Incoming ssl port 995 for pop and or 993 for imap.

Outgoing ssl port 465, should work for both ssl/tls.

In addition the port 587 tls outgoing only can be used.

Both ports work though.

Ofcause if your client supports the web protocal and some do, chances are
that after you login it just does.

To be honest though not exactly related, as such things are a lot easier to
setup, a lot of automated function.

I got a network printer 4 years back and had a lot of issues setting up.

Now even though I need to access some places and change a few settings etc,
its easy as 1 2 3 and go.

The thing even updates its firmware itself and drivers with no interaction.

On 15/08/2017 2:38 p.m., Arlene wrote:
Hi list. If and when I do get a new computer How does one set up
outlook to gmail on a win ten machine? Thanks.

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