Cutting and pasting from wordpad to word in various modes

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OK, we have an rtf document in Wordpad
We have a blank Microsoft word. When Word opens the mode is apparently normally in brose, but you can type into the file this way.
However say you grab some text from Wordpad and attempt to paste it into word. It does not work as expected, you end up with an embedded object in the file.
However if you switch word to focus mode, you can paste it in as normal.
Is this expected or a bug?

Note here that since I have clipspeak involved, when I try to paste in focus mode I get the out of memory warning which is bogus and can be ignored due to who knows what.
I'd be particularly interested in people with different versions of operating systems wordpad and word, as I tend to use the xp wordpad in 7 and an older style ie normal menus, version of word. Everything else seems fine. I just need to remember to switch modes. I'm just wondering what the embedded object pasted actually is?
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