Re: silencing nvda while using kurzweil 1000

Roger Stewart

Also, you can make a user configuration profile for any program and set speech to off and it will only be off while the program is in focus. I've done this for a self voicing version of mIRC and it works just fine so it should be easy to do this with K-1000.


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Interestingly, on github there has been an open issue on this, and as nobody has responded, I believe it has been closed. It was proposed some years ago to make nvda shut up on this self voicing ap. However developments since in the form of simple to install app modules and the ability to turn of the voice with a hot key have somewhat made this a little redundant. In the past the problem with shutting it up globally has been that dialogues that did not have self voicing needed to have it enabled again of course. Hopefully these now speak properly. I have a program here called Newsbridge that is self voicing and I use an app module custom made for it, and hand installed, but there are many ways to do it now.
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Subject: [nvda] silencing nvda while using kurzweil 1000

Hi, is there a way to silence nvda while using an independent speech program
like Kurzweil 1000? That way I don't have two eloquence synths going at
once? Which is kind of psychedelic sounding but not very productive.

Thanks, Dave


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