I lost my NVDA settings


I have once again, changed the subject line to something relevant and deleted all the completely irrelevant material from the old thread. 
Using the factory settings option doesn't, as far as I know, mean that you lost anything.  Issue the command control N
VDA key r and see what happens.  As far as I know issueing the factory settings command causes NVDA to use factory settings and doesn't change the already saved settings unless you close the program.  If you haven't closed the program, issuing the command NVDA control r will, as I recall, cause the program to use all of your settings again.  If it doesn't, I or someone else will tell you how to set the keyboard to laptop, which is, evidently, what you were using before.

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Hi list by mistake I hit the factry settings and unfortunately I lost the settings.
Infact when I press n v d a key and a letter nothing happen.
Can somebody explain to me how to resetting them again please?
Thanks in advance

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