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Damien Garwood

Hi Geno,
Welcome to the list.
NVDA is more than capable of being used as a primary screen reader and has been for some time. I have used it as my primary screen reader for a good four years now.
If you have any questions I’m sure there are loads on here who can help. We all have varying levels of expertise on using NVDA in our different day-to-day tasks – Thanks to its versatility and extended support for various products, it is suited for everyday use with Notepad, Internet Explorer and Windows Mail, to specialised use cases with office products, digital audio workstation applications and software development environments.

From: Geno Stone
Sent: Thursday, August 17, 2017 6:25 PM
Subject: [nvda] New Member

I am Geno Stone in Portland, Maine. I use a combo of Jaws 18 and the latest up-grade to NVDA. Love it as a great back-up for me. My friend in Germany is trying to and maybe one day to switch and go all the way NVDA. Thank-you for accepting me as a member here. Smiles, Geno

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