Re: Did you all miss me huh?


I got an HP desktop machine from for $184. it is a refurb, but runs like a top. They had machines from all the top manufacturers on their site. Also, I know that Dell has a link on their site for reburbished units. Many refurbs have never been used. It's just a case of the buyer getting cold feet and changing his mind. Of course, you never know for sure, but at those prices, you can take the gamble.


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did u get this from the site directly?

On 8/17/2017 11:54 AM, Lino Morales wrote:
It is. Not bad for a referb. My wife is getting a Del Latitude referb tomorrow.

On 8/17/2017 2:52 PM, Michael Capelle wrote:
glad to see you back, sounds like a awesome system.

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Hello kiddies. I'm back split button. I'll give you the sort version of
the story of the PC that sang Taps. Well I was just doing my thing
listening to a stream, doing email, and so on and on. Then I needed to
restart my PC. Well boom! I waited almost an hour. It took me several
days for my wife who has little vision herself that I had a flashing
dash on the screen. We.. I think the motherboard died. This was on June
20th. Fastforward to a week ago. I bought a new HP PC referbished and
certified by MS for $162 US plus the cost of the 1 year warnty. I've got
8 Gb of ram, a 1 TB harddrive. I think it has an I 5 or I 7 processer
which is 3.0 GHZ with WIN 10 Home.

The End.

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