Re: books to download from within nvda?


Well, I think this is not a feature for a screen reader, but it can be inplemented as an add-on. Obviously you need a coder interested on it...


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Hi Pete


I already have a plextalk pocket, and I know you can connect with internet with this device. But I don't use that functionality, as I prefer to have access to my books at any place (with or without internet). So, I read my books offline. I don't read the books from within supernova, I only use the online books for downloading them and after that I move the folders of the books to another location on my disk to back them in in the library. No hassle with unzipping, backing books to the library etc. it is just as simple as downloading a folder, moving it to the sd-card or other place on the disk for giving the books back to the library. I really understand your opinion concerning nvda and the screen reader functionality. It was simply a question, nothing more.


Best, Katty


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Verzonden: donderdag 14 april 2016 2:29
Onderwerp: Re: [nvda] books to download from within nvda?


  I hope nvda stays purely a screen reader program! 

  You may like a device like plextalk pocket or victer streem. 
  There might be an app that does this bookshelf function you are looking for. 


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I don't know if this is already possible with nvda or if this is a planned feature. But I have both nvda and Supernova installed on my machine. In supernova you have a books shelf and you can connect with online books services (like and from within supernova.  In this way I could download my daisy-books within supernova. Is there a similar function in nvda or is it planned? The handy thing of this way of downloading daisy-books is, that there's no need for unzipping folders. In supernova the sources of online books services are limited, I e.g. only can connect with services from the Netherlands and Belgium.  In the menu there's also a section news, podcasts, … But I can't add podcasts myself as sources I want to follow. And sometimes there are problems with books I want to download that Supernova don't solve within a short time period. That's why I am wondering if nvda has similar functionalities.


Thanks for the info.


Best, Katty





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