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I concur.
I hate forums and try to use web stuff as little as possible because you have the double whammy of being blind, so sites not designed with no global view by the user in mind and secondly you have to then figure out if the site has an understandable logic to it to allow faster use. Sadly the fails at both in this particular case. I got the impression it was a bolt on goody, and not enough thought was put into it.
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I'm not going to say anything after this. But if you think the random user of this group is going to use the web interface in the first place there is ample evidence that this is contrary to fact. If they do, if you think they'll "drill down" after a search that's even less likely.

I wouldn't drill down after a group name search because subgroups should be plainly identified. They are not.

Interfaces need to be designed around what "most people" would do. You, clearly, are not most people, you work far harder than most are willing to, which is a great thing. But if interfaces were designed for folks like you well over half the world would be unable to locate a darned thing, and that's based on observations from having been in this business since the 1980s. People are generally lazy, on the whole, and a good user interface takes that into account.
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