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Well, we are talking human nature here I think. its always easier to ask somebody who has gone further down the road than you, what is around the corner.

Google searches can of course be very misleading due to the way some web sites cheat by adding invisible pointless words so Google sees it, even when inappropriate.

Remember many people using computers early in the learning curve do not use " or: etc very well in searches either. and even if they do, still sometimes the item you want is not obvious.

Also as we have said before here, some find googles blunderbuss approach dodgy as you can, sometimes pick up some very dubious links on there that are best left unclicked.

I'd also say that most people should add ad blockers to their browsers and then many of the cluttering you encounter go away.
Until advertisers learn to make adverts not compromise access to an accessible web site this is the only way I can work.
Sad since I know the ads pay for the sites, but then I'm not the idiot designing stupid animations and scrollers and other graphical rubbish for a basically textual sites adverts.
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A quick query. Lately, I have realized that most persons subscribed to this list, rather than going to Google or a search engine of their choice, seek to ask questions here prior to doing this type of research. I’d seriously like to know why, as I find this practice to be counterproductive. Why do I say this? Because sometimes, the responses that are given are incorrect. Why don’t persons read the NVDA User Guide, for example. It is well detailed. Could persons explain this to me?

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