Re: slightly ot, braille contraction confusion

Peter Beasley

UEB is rubbish.

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Well if its any consolation some of us are not happy about UAB either, and
since I do not use it on computers it matters little, but is annoying when
you get some things labelled in some mix and match form of the code and
wonder how we got to this confused state.

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Subject: [nvda] slightly ot, braille contraction confusion

I'm from Germany. So that,s my first language' Which means I'm only semi fluent in reading english contractions. So I looked for a cheat sheet. During my search I learned that ueb is now generally adopted "everywhere". I also found a list of symbols and to my... not exactly great yoy I found out, that a fair amount is different than I learned it. But when I switched to the unified braille table in nvda it looked a lot more like what I'm used to. So what's with all that?
best wishes, Guenni

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