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I don't know all the rules for using sticky keys.  I know generally how they work.  From playing around, do the following:
Don't use the caps lock to write capital letters.  Use the regular shift keys.  To write one capital letter press and release a shift key once.  then type the letter.  To write more than one capital letter, press a shift key twice and type as many shifted characters as you wish.  Turn it off by pressing it once.


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Hi list

Can someone help me to figure out this problem please?

On my laptop I use the sticky keys to be able to use the keyboard with one hand, but since I started to use the n v d a, I am meeting this problem. ?

Since I started to use the capslock as n v d a, now I can’t use it to write a capital letter, as usual, if any n v d a programmer can help me to solve this problem I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance


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