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On Sat, Aug 19, 2017 at 08:13 am, Don H wrote:
Sorry that some people on this list obviously think this list is only for seeking info after all else has failed.
This is precisely the sort of nasty snark that these threads invariably produce.

There is a vast difference between that sentiment and the one that says "after making just the slightest independent effort, first."   That's what people, including myself, find particularly galling.  When it takes longer to compose the question, that actually contains the search terms that would get you a nicely constrained set of results, and it's clear you haven't bothered first, well, that's lazy and laziness is annoying.  Particularly to those of us who bust our humps on a regular basis to be very helpful on complex issues that don't have a ready answer, usually hundreds of them, already available.

It is obligatory to at least look for answers independently or admit, which I myself have at times, that I'm being lazy by posting asking for information that I know someone else probably knows off the top of their head that is not particularly simple to find.
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