Re: Doing Google Searches

Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

I don't see any problem with pointing someone to a resource to answer their question.  lots of discussion forums make it a practice to do exactly that.  In fact, some programming forums actively discourage answering questions directly, preferring instead for the answer to involve resources that would allow the original poster to learn for themselves how something is done.  If said poster continues to have problems, and honestly can't figure it out, or is stumped on some point of syntax or coding issues, then direct assistance may be offered, but in general, it's considered bad form to just up and give the answer, as it's considered feeding the trolls, which (unfortunately) is all to often the truth.

I don't think most mailing lists are quite that bad, but still, I find nothing wrong with someone pointing questioners to other resources to answer said question, especially (as you said) the said resource answers the question better than the answer given by the new poster could do, it only makes sense to answer the question in the best way possible, and if someone has a resource for that purpose, by all means, post it.  I think most people are more than happy to answer questions (though there probably should be an FAQ of some sort that can be pointed to when the same question keeps popping up), and if answering the question involves pointing to other resources to fill in the gaps in knowledge or to provide a more in depth explanation, then I see absolutely nothing wrong with that.

On 8/19/2017 2:00 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
I actually got kicked off a list for telling someone to listen to x y and z's podcast on a subject. They wanted me to write the answer down in text. Um? Huh?  It was not this list, it was a different one I had ben  on for about 7 years. The moderators of that list basically told me off list I was being lazy. I don't think so as at the time this podcaster did a better job then I at explaining how to do the steps the person asking the question had. If all of this what I said  makes sense, that's good. Lol.

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