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That's if you aren't using sticky keys.  If you are using sticky keys, the caps lock doesn't work that way.  You should press shift twice to lock it and have it work as though you had caps lock on.  Then if you want to turn it off, press it once.
I haven't checked to see what the caps lock key does if sticky keys are on and NVDA isn't using it as an NVDA key.

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You are probably aware that if the caps lock key is selected as a modifier key it has to be hit 2 times to turn caps lock on and two for off..

if it is selected as the modifier key then it would be that key and say the letter N to get into the preferences of nvda.

here unless i am writing some thing unless it is more than a letter i just use the shift key for just one letter and if i want all of them capitalized I might then put that key on to do it then turn it off.

Gene nz

On 20/08/2017 00:38, anthony borg wrote:

Hi list

Can someone help me to figure out this problem please?

On my laptop I use the sticky keys to be able to use the keyboard with one hand, but since I started to use the n v d a, I am meeting this problem. ?

Since I started to use the capslock as n v d a, now I can’t use it to write a capital letter, as usual, if any n v d a programmer can help me to solve this problem I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance


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