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nvda announces for me caps lock on or off without making any setting.

On 8/20/17, Gene <> wrote:
I am not aware of any way. I saw no setting for changing from beeps to
audio announcements.

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From: anthony borg
Sent: Sunday, August 20, 2017 3:17 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] question

Hi gene

I am aware that I have to press it twice, but the problem is that it doesn't
announce on or off, it just peeps.

If there is a way of how to do it announcing it,

Can you please explain to me how to do it?

Thanks in advance


From: [] On Behalf Of Gene New
Sent: 20 August 2017 01:55
Subject: Re: [nvda] question


You are probably aware that if the caps lock key is selected as a modifier
key it has to be hit 2 times to turn caps lock on and two for off..

if it is selected as the modifier key then it would be that key and say the
letter N to get into the preferences of nvda.

here unless i am writing some thing unless it is more than a letter i just
use the shift key for just one letter and if i want all of them capitalized
I might then put that key on to do it then turn it off.

Gene nz

On 20/08/2017 00:38, anthony borg wrote:

Hi list

Can someone help me to figure out this problem please?

On my laptop I use the sticky keys to be able to use the keyboard with one
hand, but since I started to use the n v d a, I am meeting this problem. ?

Since I started to use the capslock as n v d a, now I can't use it to
write a capital letter, as usual, if any n v d a programmer can help me to
solve this problem I would appreciate it very much.

Thanks in advance


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