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Peter Beasley

I tend to use the I’m feeling lucking lucky button which usually does the trick but not always.

From: Gene
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Of course, you may not get the desired result in every result.  But if a search is well designed, and you may have to experiment to find a search for a specific thing that brings up good results, you will get relevant results even if you get some that don't apply.  And as you experiment with different searches over time, you will learn how to use good search strings with less experimentation.  Most search strings I use present good results.  At times, I have to try more than one.  but you can often tell if a resuylt is relevant before you follow the link to go to the page.  Below the information about the link, such as the address to which it leads and some other information presented about the link and depending on how your browser settings are set, a menu button or a cached link, you will find brief excerpts from the page.  One thing few people know is that the excerpts are not the same.  They depend on what you are searching for.  If I want to find something and I know specifically just what it is, such as a phone number, if I type, Northwestern Hospital , Chicago IL 773
results will show the phone number in one or more of the excerpts.  So I don't have to follow any results links or look at any pages to find the link.  773 is the Chicago area code, the phone number on the page will be sure to start with the area code and the excerpts, I'll call them context excerpts, my term, will show the phone number based on what you have specified as part of the search string. 
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One annoying thing is the way items come up but when you go there you find
its not anything to do with your search, simply cos, for example a set of
speakers might come up for a search for cd players as the description says
can be used  on headphone socket of portable cd players.


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Most of us including myself are lazy. Ok, I'll google for something but if I
just can't find the answer or the pages are 10 years old (this did happen to
me a few times) I will ask on a list and point to the steps I took to
troubleshoot the issue, and the steps I tool to try and figure out on my own
how to do what ever it is I'm trying to do with nvda, narrator, voiceover,
talkback etc.

Take care
> On Aug 18, 2017, at 12:28 PM, Andre Fisher <fishersmails123@...>
> wrote:
> Hi.
> A quick query. Lately, I have realized that most persons subscribed to
> this list, rather than going to Google or a search engine of their choice,
> seek to ask questions here prior to doing this type of research. I’d
> seriously like to know why, as I find this practice to be
> counterproductive. Why do I say this? Because sometimes, the responses
> that are given are incorrect. Why don’t persons read the NVDA User Guide,
> for example. It is well detailed. Could persons explain this to me?

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