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Well its still sold its by adaptive voice, the thing is like the freedom box in the way that its its own computer, a computer costs about 2000 dollars, the software alone just the software itself is about 600 bucks us per licence.

If you wanted something like that a similar all inclusive app would be something like dolphin guide or the old klango which while still is freely available no longer is developed.

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Oh okay. never heard of it. It probably wont work for ten.

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It's a screen reader that has its own version of microsoft word, internet explorer and its own mail program. You use the alt key as your control key. It's been awhile since I played with it. I don't know if it works in windows 10 but at the time when I was working with it, I had my old windows 7 computer.

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Hi, What is Cdesk?

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I have a friend who has a memory problem. She got this program called CDesk and was having a hard time trying to learn it. To make a long story short, she had a sighted teacher who was trying to teach it to her and he wasn't very patient with her. He told her then rehab counselor that she wasn't even trying so the counselor closed her case and that was very unfair. I installed the trial version of CDesk and played with it a bit. After learning the basics of it, I was able to help my friend learn it. Now she's doing great with it. She said learning jaws was very difficult for her but CDesk is pretty easy to use.


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Well also don't forget. Some of us have memory issues. I do thanks to an accident. I have to read a manual, or if I can't digest what I just read I will ask and have someone walk me through what I need to do over and over and over again until I can do what ever it is.

One example speaking of nvda was the object navigation. I had a friend who knows my mental process go through the nvda object nav keys with me for about an hour until I got it as reading the manual for me that day was not going to work. I'm still learning nvda's object nav keys but I think I'm finally getting it by the way.

So for me that day googling would not have worked as I was having one of my not so good days.

Take care all.

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I agree with you ANdy That's why if its not on here alreay a wiki for NVDA related issues.

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This issue comes up from time to time, mostly on blind related lists. Interestingly, when among sighted people who have a tech question from time to time, usually if one knows the answer, they just give it. why have these lists at all if one can't feel comfortable asking a question? Now, if the same person asks questions repeatedly, and asks the same question over and over again, it may be appropriate to refer him or her to a resource, or advise that they may want to seek training, but i think that telling someone to "Google it" when they occasionally ask a question is rather harsh.


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Most of us including myself are lazy. Ok, I'll google for something but if I just can't find the answer or the pages are 10 years old (this did happen to me a few times) I will ask on a list and point to the steps I took to troubleshoot the issue, and the steps I tool to try and figure out on my own how to do what ever it is I'm trying to do with nvda, narrator, voiceover, talkback etc.

Take care

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A quick query. Lately, I have realized that most persons subscribed to this list, rather than going to Google or a search engine of their choice, seek to ask questions here prior to doing this type of research. I’d seriously like to know why, as I find this practice to be counterproductive. Why do I say this? Because sometimes, the responses that are given are incorrect. Why don’t persons read the NVDA User Guide, for example. It is well detailed. Could persons explain this to me?

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