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Well I'd search the internet archive for it, local article put that they are reviving a lot of old records and there is a lot of stuff abound.

If you know where to look you can get a lot of things from old time radio to sound card demos.

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Hi, Brian,

The other day I was trying to do a search for a song on youtube. It was a very rare oldie I was trying to find for the music group I'm on. I couldn't find the song so I had to ask a member of the list if they had it. As far as google, I don't use the down-arrow to find search results. I use the H for headings and sometimes I can find what I'm looking for. If I go to a new site and try to find something, I don't always know what I'm looking for until I become familiar with that site. A good example of that is an oldies station I sometimes listen to. Since I'm familiar with that site, I can do the find command and look for the "listen live" link.

My point is this. Sometimes you can't always find something by searching no matter how hard you try. That's why we have email lists--so we can ask questions if we get stuck.


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I agree that just telling somone to just google that is very harch. You can't always find what you are looking forand if you do you will have take a very long time down arrowing to find what you want. The sighted can just look at their screens and see what they want but we can't. People who tell somone on lists to just google it are the ones who are lazy they don't want to help and thats what email lists are for. If you can't ask for help or ask a question with out getting critisized then why even have email list att and why are people even on list in the first place? Maybe that person has lready has googled it but they could not find what they were looking for. This even does happen to the sighted but because we are blind we are just not soposed to ask for help that seems to be a great sin in the blind community asking for help because we are soposed to be super independent. Some people might need more training and we are all not at the same leavel of independence as others are and neither were they either. It's often easier and faster to post a question and ask for help on an email list than it is to just google it. You will also get better results because the answers that you get come from other people who have found a sultion to your problem. I am very greatful and very thankful for all of the help that I have received from people on lists and if I can help I will do so.

Brian Sackrider

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This issue comes up from time to time, mostly on blind related lists. Interestingly, when among sighted people who have a tech question from time to time, usually if one knows the answer, they just give it. why have these lists at all if one can't feel comfortable asking a question? Now, if the same person asks questions repeatedly, and asks the same question over and over again, it may be appropriate to refer him or her to a resource, or advise that they may want to seek training, but i think that telling someone to "Google it" when they occasionally ask a question is rather harsh.


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Most of us including myself are lazy. Ok, I'll google for something but if I just can't find the answer or the pages are 10 years old (this did happen to me a few times) I will ask on a list and point to the steps I took to troubleshoot the issue, and the steps I tool to try and figure out on my own how to do what ever it is I'm trying to do with nvda, narrator, voiceover, talkback etc.

Take care

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A quick query. Lately, I have realized that most persons subscribed to this list, rather than going to Google or a search engine of their choice, seek to ask questions here prior to doing this type of research. I’d seriously like to know why, as I find this practice to be counterproductive. Why do I say this? Because sometimes, the responses that are given are incorrect. Why don’t persons read the NVDA User Guide, for example. It is well detailed. Could persons explain this to me?

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