Re: Firefox has updated to 56 and its broken


well I still have 55 I will check for updates however

No still 55, this must be a beta or something.

On 21/08/2017 11:34 p.m., Gene wrote:
The problem discussed by Brian in the latest version of Firefox is a purely firefox problem and there is a very easy work around.

The problem is that the shortcut, alt b, when you hold the alt and type b, doesn't work properly. It duplicates the short cut control I, which toggles on and off the book marks search. But the short cut does work properly if you type it the other way, that is, release alt, then type b. That opens the book marks structure where it should open.

This is a bug in Firefox, which I thought was tested for accessibility long before production versions are released. This bug raises serious questions about accessibility testing. this glaring bug should have been discovered quickly and easily a good while before release.

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It just did this and now it opens in some kind of bookmark panel.
One has to tab to find the actual displayed page. I am thinking this is a
Firefox bug. Toolbar for bookmarks is definitely off.

Anyone else noticed this?
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