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Travis Siegel <tsiegel@...>

Sure, it's possible to run a batch file as an administrator. Just open a command prompt with the run as administrator option, then run your batch file, and poof, all done.

Now, whether a shortcut can be designed to run as an administrator with shortcut being connected to a batchfile is a completely different question, and I don't know the answer to that, and honestly, I don't have any urge to find out, running a command prompt as administrator is plenty enough for me. *grin*.

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I will offer this additionally. On one machine things only worked again after this was done after a computer restart.
I wonder if a batch file on the desktop might be able to do this, it depends whether its possible to make a batch file run as administrator or not.

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Hi Tony

I will copy and paste what fixed mine off my website. You might need
sighted assistance? but I see also now for the same bug there is or
maybe fixes for other versions of windows.

But before you go to see if it fixes the problem can you do the
following first?

Under the general settings in nvda set the log level to debug. Save your

restart nvda so it is a fresh copy go into the areas where you are
having the problems nvda will record your steps like in your browser
thunder bird etc.

Then save the log to your desktop it can be found under the tools then
view log section. press the alt key then go to save log and save it to
your desk top or some where easy to find it.

Below will be what fixed mine on my windows 10 machine and also on a
ladies one.

I will also find the page with other fixes maybe the same or different.

Troubleshooting - NVDA says “unknown” or “pane” in all of your browsers,
Mozilla Thunderbird email client and other places
If for some reason you have problems with NVDA saying “unknown” or
“pane” check for the following symptoms:

In all of your browsers, or the Mozilla Thunderbird email client, no
matter what you do, you still hear “unknown” or “pane”.

In the browser, email client and other menus you notice you cannot get
into your menus, or you are unable to use the quick navigation keys

When you have been told the page is loaded and notice strange behaviour

Mozilla Thunderbird saying unknown while you try to navigate it

Your applications key does not work with it being spoken out and other
strange behaviour in Windows

The running applications icons are not being spoken out
It might be a good idea to do the following:
Please note: If you are hearing “unknown” or “pane” (as discussed above)
NVDA might seem like it is still working properly but it may not be
completely in Windows and other programmes.
You could try the following solution which will allow you to re-register
your dll files in case they are causing the problem.
Press the Windows key then type the following into the search box. Type
in “command prompt”. Once you have located command prompt, in the search
results, press the Applications key to bring up the context menu. Arrow
down to select “run as administrator” and press the Enter key. This will
take you to a command prompt window. This will not be spoken out. You
may need sighted assistance for this.
Type in the following command
for %x in (c:\windows\system32\*.dll) do regsvr32 /s %x
This should re-register all components in the system32 folder.
When it is finished, you can close the command prompt window with the
Alt + F4 key. You should notice now where NVDA was saying “unknown” as
in some examples given, NVDA should now read the icons in the running
applications area of Windows, speak the content of the webpage and
menus, and also in Mozilla Thunderbird and other places in Windows
including the Windows applications context menu.

Gene nz

On 21/08/2017 09:13, Tony Ballou wrote:
Hey Gene,

It has said unknown in Thunderbird yes indeed. I haven't played with
edge.  However, I am seeing many of those symptoms that you're talking
about in Firefox .


On 8/20/2017 5:05 PM, Gene New Zealand wrote:
Hi tony

can you tell me if nvda is doing any of the following? In all browsers
is he saying unknown or will not speak the contents of the web page? did
the page fully load try the f5 key to do this or use the nvda key + f5
key and see if it plays nicely?

Does he work in microsoft edge and read out the contents?

Down on the running application area on the task bar does nvda speak any
of the programs there?

When you hit the applications key does nvda speak any of the menus as
you arrow down it?

If you are running mozilla thunder bird does it say unknown as you tab
into it or try to get to messages or the menus it would be the same for
mozilla fire fox.

Gene nz

On 21/08/2017 08:32, Tony Ballou wrote:
howdy mates

for some reason nVDA and firefox are having quite a time getting along
with each other now.  When web pages come up you get the announcement
that the page is up, however, nothing else works. Tabbing through the
page for links, browse mode keystrokes, everything appears to be shot.
Does anyone know what happened, and a fix for it if there is one?  Very
strange indeed.  using the latest versions of both windows 10 pro and NVda.


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