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Hi Karl,

You can set custom Braille key commands from NVDA's Input Gestures dialog:
1. Press NVDA+n (the NVDA key will be either INSERT or CAPS LOCK).
2. Press P for preferences
3. Press up arrow once then enter for Input Gestures
4. Either type the command you would like to add a gesture for, then press TAB or simply press TAB to browse the whole list.
5. Navigate through the tree view (up and down to move, left and right to collapse or expand levels).
6. When you find a command you want to change, press ALT+A to add a gesture.
7. Press the key(s) you want to assign to the gesture.
8. repeat as needed and activate the OK button when done.



On Tue, Aug 22, 2017 at 5:09 AM, Karl Smith <karl@...> wrote:

I am a very new subscriber here so this question may sound completely stupid but I want to know if there is a way to define keystrokes used by a braille display in NVDA. Here is what I want to do. I have an ElBraille 14 from Freedom Scientific which runs Windows 10 and with the Braille display I can, by using various key combinations on the braille display, do all the things I can do on a qwerty keyboard. The problem is that I installed KNFB reader enterprise on it the other day and scanned something with it using a Ziggy camera. Everything came out fine and I could hear the text being read but could never get to the braille output. I found out from KNFB tech support that this is because JAWS doesn’t support Microsoft Edge yet and the output from the KNFB software is in an Edge window. I was told that it works fine in NVDA. The problem is that NVDA doesn’t have all the nifty key definitions JAWS does to control the system with the Braille display. Is there a way to add these? Thanks for any help you might give.







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