Re: voice pitch not changing when capitalizing a letter

Andre Fisher

NVDA doesn't indicate capital letters when reading by word, line or anything other than spelling or moving by character. The beep only occurs when typing characters or reading with left and right arrow.


The pitch change does occur, but it can be hard to distinguish. I'd recommend setting it to about 50% or -50%. The reason that is clearer when say cap before capital is checked is because the voice processes more speech, thus the pitch change can occur in the middle of speech.


I wouldn't say it's of no use. In fact, it is good for proofreading purposes, which is the main reason why something like this is incorporated. Why would a basic user turn on beeps for capitals to hear it in Say all? I doubt adding a function like this would make it to NVDA core.


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From: Giles Turnbull
Sent: Tuesday, August 22, 2017 8:44 AM
Subject: Re: [nvda] voice pitch not changing when capitalizing a letter


I don't know if other NVDA users have had different mileage to me, but I have the beep for caps option on, and it only beeps if I'm navigating letter by letter. The minute I go word by word or reading continuously, there are no beeps for capitals.

The same is true with the Say Cap before capitals option. I use the Microsoft Zera voice and normally only using the default pitch change of 30 for caps, but when I increased it to 100 for testing purposes just now, it is very evident in the pitch change ... again, however, this effect is only noticed when going letter by letter and, I discover, only when the Say Cap before Capitals option is checked.

I'd quite like to hear that capital pitch change when reading a document from top to bottom, such as a page of a newspaper, but it's of little use if you only get it navigating character by character and, for me, without the Say Cap before Capitals setting needing to be active. Is that something that lies in the hands of the voice maker, or could NVDA be tweeked to extend this?



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