Re: voice pitch not changing when capitalizing a letter

Jim Homme


I subscribed to this list in the middle of this conversation, so please forgive me for asking this.


Can the person who had the problem please give me steps to reproduce? For instance, I may be using a different synthesizer or voice or program or keyboard or whatever, and I won’t be able to produce the issue. The more specific, the easier it is going to be to enter the bug and get a fix.







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Subject: Re: [nvda] voice pitch not changing when capitalizing a letter


If change in pitch isn't audible unless some other indication is on, that is a bug and evidently is now being looked into. 



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Subject: Re: [nvda] voice pitch not changing when capitalizing a letter


I agree that it's when I'm proof reading that I find the beep for capitals helpful. I have a configuration profile for editing documents before I submit them anywhere, in which I have the punctuation level set to all, and slow the speed down a little, and it would be helpful to have the beep for a capital sounding as I move through the document line by line, rather than having to navigate to the specific place where there should be a capital letter so I can hear the beep as I move by character.

I don't believe the change in pitch for capitals is audible at all unless the Say Cap for Capitals seting is on. Even with it set to 100, I don't hear any change in pitch with Microsoft Zira voice without that audible Cap announcement and, for me, that's more of a distraction than it's worth when I'm editing.


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