Re: stopping the word clickable.


i could not use screen layout and turned it off in the first day that
i decided to use nvda.
but hearing clickable multiple times is annoying and switching between
clickable checked and unchecked also is not easy.

On 8/23/17, Gene <> wrote:
If clickable items are all displayed on separate lines, that's another
reason that use screen layout should be off by default. If someone is a
skilled and experienced enough Internet user to work in situations, such as
some forums, where having use screen layout should be on, the person will be
likely to know about the setting. Defaults should be defined with respect
to new or not very knowledgeable users and most NVDA users won't ever be
very knowledgeable. Such users won't know there is a choice and will be
inconvenienced by not having links on separate lines and not know there is
any alternative.

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One issue for some is that wne several clickables are on a line, the
clickable seems to all be spoken together not at each clickable element.
This is where having every clickable element on a new line can add clarity.
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Screen layout has nothing to do with clickable. Screen layout in the
default setting, shows the screen layout if it can be done. for example, if

there are two or more links on one line, they will all be shown on one line.

If the setting is changed, then links will each be shown on separate lines,

one for each link.

To turn off clickable announcements, In object navigation, tabbing around
will have a check box about reporting clicable objects and it should be
changed. If its checked now, it should be unchecked or if unchecked, it
should be checked. Then tab to and activate the ok button.

Clickable won't be reported. But there are times when you need to know what

is clickable on web pages so this setting shouldn't be left off all the
time. Especially if you are on a page and don't see how to do something, it

should be turned on.


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Subject: [nvda] stopping the word clickable.

Hi listers. ken here with a question. a user of out-of-sight just asked how

does she stop NVDA from saying the word clickable. she was on the hadley
site and she was taking a test and before she got to the first question NVDA

said clickable on several places. how does she stop the NVDA from saying
clickable over and over on a page. one member suggested something about
changing object presentation. he also said something about turning use
screen layout off which is of course the default. any thoughts

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