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also openoffice is become updated but unfortunately one version in the year!
openoffice 4.2.0 is in nightly and openoffice 4.1.4 rc2 is released in
recent days.

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I think the point here is that both these projects are in fact based on the

same code base and whereas Open office seems to have no current active
development or fixes being worked on, the other does, so you are more likely

to get issues resolved as the nvda devs are not going to try to find work
arounds for a dead development string, but will work on Libra as the
developers can be contacted as many issues need to be fixed in the code of
the software, not the screenreader. I hope this is clearer for you.
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Sir I asked about Open Office not the other. Stick to the topic!

On 8/22/2017 2:31 PM, Jim Homme wrote:
Let me suggest that you try LibreOffice. That project is more up to date.

Please forgive me if I spelled it incorrecctly.


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I don't remember, but doe Open Office work with the current version of
NVDA? Thanks.

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