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Do you have an account?  If so, I can look and see how to subscribe to subgroups.  As I recall, when you are on the page for a group, there is a button that says subgroups.  following it shows the subgroups you can join for that group.  If you have an account, you may be taken to the messages page when you go to the group page.  Somewhere near the top of the page, as I recall, is a link to go to the main page of the group.  It may just say the name of the group as a link.  I can check if my recollection isn't correct. 
If your specific intent is to join a subgroup of this list, we may be able to send you the e-mail subscribe address. 

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The subject says it. I can’t seem to figure out how to join a subgroup of the main group. Can anyone please tell me how or point me to the right information?








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