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At present there is no graphics labeler in NVDA.

Is the idea to locate some thing that is not labeled? then give it a name.

the closest thing that would come to mind is the golden cursor it is a add on.

What it actually done was i had a scanner program which was in accessible unless you used a mouse to get to those parts. it allowed me to move the mouse to any position on the screen and then i was able to give it a name then save the position in different parts of the screen i marked. When i then went back into that program i could bring up the list and move the mouse straight to that position.

Then i could get it to scan etc. But i do not think this would do the job? I have found this add on quite useful and have not come across much unlabled stuff.

My self i hope they would put one in as i have a android phone and use the graphics labeler on that from time to time the same i got told is in apple phones jaws has it and windows eyes? if i remember right.

I know there was some work done on it a while ago but do not know what happened to it.

Gene nz


On 24/08/2017 01:49, Christo Vorster wrote:

Hi Group


Years ago I used Supernova and found it a very usable program. With Supernova, and JAWS it was possible to name buttons.


Is there a similar function, if not, would it be possible to incorporate such function in NVDA?


It would be fantastic if it might be possible.




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