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Hi All


I was excited to see that notifications in Skype for Business was added as a new feature since a few snapshots ago. I use this application on a daily basis in my work, but do not currently find that NVDA automatically reports any of the notifications. Below is quoted from the What’s new section:


• NVDA now automatically reports notifications in Skype for Business Desktop, such as when someone starts a conversation with you. (#7281)


Quentin, if you or anyone else using this application, can confirm what exactly can be expected from this new feature, as well as perhaps Skype for Business specific settings that should be changed in order to get this to work, I’ll really appreciate it. Getting IM’s and other relevant info automatically reported will really make my life a lot easier. Below the specs for the system in question:


  • Dell Latitude 5550
  • Windows 10 Enterprise, 64 bit
  • Skype for Business 2016
  • NVDA version: next-14331,f30dd972


Thanks in advance.


Jacques Stassen

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