Re: Basic Training for NVDA - Official NVDA training material now available!


I am not sure how much it would be in us, however when I got it in new zealand paypal put it up to 34 bucks so its not much more than advertised.

On 15/04/2016 12:40 p.m., Rosemarie Chavarria wrote:
Hi, David,

I wonder how much the book's price would be in American dollars. I want
to read a sample of the book too.


On 4/14/2016 3:27 PM, David Moore wrote:
Hi all,
Wow, I just read the sample of the book, and I decided to buy the
book. I am so excited that we will have all kinds of training
materials for NVDA just like we do for JAWS. In the future, I will buy
all training materials, because I want to pay back what NVDA has done
for me. I am using NVDA more than JAWS after just two months, and I
have used JAWS for 15 years. I was using the mouse to navigate an app
that JAWS would do nothing with. This is really great! Take care all,
and let’s celebrate the first training material of many to come.
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material now available!
It sounds good to me 2 and when it does happen have you looked at a
cost for it? if any.

I have never done any thing like is mentioned, so don't know what to

Gene nz

On 14-Apr-16 11:15 PM, Quentin Christensen wrote:
Hi Heaven,
We haven't got the certification ready yet, so we'll post more
details about the exact format later. For now, what I can say is that
if you have a good understanding of most of what is in the Basic
Training for NVDA book you will be in good stead for the certification.
Kind regards
On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 6:35 PM, HBotma <ehlbotma@...
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What does the certification involve?


On 4/14/16, Shaun Everiss <@smeveriss
<mailto:@smeveriss>> wrote:
> I have the book and will read it even though I am a good user
of most of
> nvda.
> I will order the others to and maybe I may do the certifficate for
> thesheer hell of it.
> On 14/04/2016 8:12 p.m., Christopher Hallsworth wrote:
>> Hi
>> I’ve just ordered the book after liking the sample and to simply
>> contribute to the project. Hope you all do the same even if
it’s just to
>> contribute to the project.
>>> On 14 Apr 2016, at 07:47, Quentin Christensen
<quentin@... <mailto:quentin@...>>
>>> wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> NV Access is very pleased to announce the release of “Basic
Training for
>>> NVDA”. This eBook is the first module in the official set of
>>> materials for learning to use the free NVDA screen reader.
>>> Available now from:
>>> This eBook is suitable for the new and existing user wishing
to improve
>>> proficiency.
>>> Topics covered include: Getting started with NVDA and
Windows, basic
>>> configuration, writing and editing text, document formatting,
>>> management, multi-tasking, browsing the web, using the review
cursor and
>>> object navigation.
>>> The purchase price of this product supports the work of NV
Access and our
>>> ability to provide the NVDA screen reading software free of
>>> Initially the material is available as downloadable
electronic text. We
>>> are working on audio and braille formats which will be
available in due
>>> course.
>>> Kind regards
>>> --
>>> Quentin Christensen
>>> Training Material Developer
>>> <>
>>> Facebook:
>>> Twitter: @NVAccess

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