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When you say sharing, do you mean a folder that whoever you allow to share it can see it but for others a different folder is shared.
Dropbox did a good tutorial on this. As I recall you basically need to send an email with some special code in it. Of course the other person has to have a dropbox account as well.
I have a couple set up and they work very well.
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Hi list

I need a tutorial about how to create a sharing new folder in dropbox.

I would really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advance


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Subject: screating sharing folder in dropbox

People can answer questions about responsiveness but understandability is to a certain extent subjective. Do you want a voice you pay for or does it have to be free? Your answer considerably changes what is available to you.


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Subject: [nvda] whats the best sapi5 voice for english?

hello every one.
i want to find one free, understandable, responsive voice sapi5
version to use in my sapi5 programs.
which voice should i use and from where, can i download it?
God bless you and thanks so much for your help.

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