Re: stopping the word clickable.


The help section you tab to when on the attributes settings says something about changing things in a different part of settings, not in that dialog.  Every item in the quick settings tree view has a a help field you can tab to from the tree view.  You can move around it and read it as in any edit field.  I think if you tab to it, it will read automatically,  If it doesn't, you can read it as you would any edit field, using read to end, by line, etc.

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Hi Gene:

I just did as you suggested, and the Attributes Indicate can either be
checked or unchecked.  I haven't found anything about individual
Kevin Huber

On 8/24/17, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:
> My recollection is that in JAWS, clickable is only said once when a
> structure is encountered.
> There is a setting in the quick settings dialog to stop this and mouse over
> from being spoken.  I don't know if it affects anything else.  There appears
> to be a way to have control over individual attributes but I haven't looked
> into it.
> To see the information I saw, do the following:
> When your browser is opened and you are in the Virtual PC Cursor, open quick
> settings with JAWS Key v.  Then down arrow until you get to attributes
> indicate.  Change its state with the space bar.  it's checked by default.
> If you tab once, you will be in a help field where you can see information
> about this setting and, evidently, how to control what is spoken for
> individual attributes.
> If you want to change the setting, change it and activate the ok button.
> I believe the change is permanently saved, not per session.
> Gene
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> Hi:
> Just to let everybody know, the same thing happens on JAWS.  I haven't
> found a way to turn it off yet.  I'm glad that there is a way in NVDA.
> Thanks for posting the instructions.
> Kevin Huber
> On 8/22/17, ken lawrence via Groups.Io <kenlawrence124@...>
> wrote:
>> Hi listers. ken here with a question. a user of out-of-sight just asked
>> how
>> does she stop NVDA from saying the word clickable. she was on the hadley
>> site and she was taking a test and before she got to the first question
>> said clickable on several places.  how does she stop the NVDA from saying
>> clickable over and over on a page.  one member suggested something about
>> changing object presentation. he also said something about turning use
>> screen layout off which is of course the default.  any thoughts

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