Re: Cursor delays?

Damien Garwood

Hi there,
Sorry. My bad. Yes, I'm on Windows 7 64-bit.
It seems to be more laggy on the run dialog than anywhere else, when navigating through any of its text. It also seems to lag a little when reaching the beginning of a text field and arrowing up or left, or at the end of a text field when arrowing down or right, before informing you that you're at the end.
This seems to be with NVDA2017.3. I have attempted several restarts of both NVDA and the system with no differences, however after downgrading back to 2017.2 it works normally again.

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Well since I use Master branch, I'd have expected to have seen this a long
time ago then, and actually in Windows 7, it is actually snappier than in
the old original release.
Can you define if there are times it happens and times it does not. IE I do
sometimes notice that if an office product is open in the background, this
can slow things like this down, even when its not doing anything but just
I put this down to video issues.
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Just to clarify this is in the 2017.3 release.

From: Damien Sykes-Lindley
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Subject: [nvda] Cursor delays?

Hi there,
Has anyone else noticed a delay when arrowing over text fields? It appears
to be most significant when reaching the beginning or end of a field, or if
text is being rehighlighted such as in the run dialog.

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