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There is no need to check about accessibility.  This may be the same problem that has been discussed a number of times over the last number of weeks with a certain brand of laptops.  You may have to register some dll files that aren't registered in this brand or perhaps in this brand and model.  What brand of laptop is it?  I'll let others who keep track of the problem in detail as far as the procedure to register the dll files discuss the matter further. 

Firefox is accessible in XP and in all later versions of Windows unless there is a technical problem.

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i use windows xp and dont have such problems.
if you cant use accessibility of firefox, in the address bar type
and see is accessibility available or not?
i dont install any addons and dont know if one addon maybe prevents
God bless you.
hope that i could help you.

On 8/26/17, Joe_L via Groups.Io <joedevsys@...> wrote:
> Hi All,
> I'm new to the group and to NVDA, I'm a sighted user learning and setting up
> for someone else.
> I've just completed a new install of NVDA and Firefox 55.0.2 onto a Windows
> 10 Home 64bit laptop (HP Envy). In Firefox I cannot navigate properly, for
> example pressing H does not take me to the next heading and neither can I
> navigate to specific paragraphs to speak them. I'm using the Focus Highlight
> add-on and the green highlight rectangle does not appear in Firefox, but it
> does appear in other apps e.g. file explorer where I get both the red and
> green highlight rectangles. If I go back to Firefox I get no green rectangle
> again. For comparison I have been testing NVDA on Windows 7 and it works
> properly, if I press H I get a green rectangle over a heading and can
> down-arrow to the following paragraph (also FF55.0.2).
> One critical point here I have just discovered - on Windows 10 if I launch
> FF first and NVDA afterwards I get the problem. If I launch NVDA first and
> FF second it seems to be OK (needs more testing to prove this is robust...).
> On Windows 7 launch order is unimportant.
> Regards
> Joe

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