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Yes Itunes is designed by some huge group of programmers all not talking to each other and trying to cludge all the bits together into one heap afterwards. its illogical and mostly pointless. Its a great shame that a third party development cannot get permission to use the Apple shop routines. I'm sure they would be able to better Itunes!

Its a case of using a nuke to crack a nut again.
I have never had any luck with it for anything I do with windoze.
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Hmm, you no i thought about just getting apple music, cent i listen to a lot of it.

I just don't like slow iTunes.

Scan a folder with foobar2000, and it's done in like 2 seconds. With iTunes, it takes forever.

On 8/25/2017 11:42 AM, Lino Morales wrote:
Hi all. I have my doubts if this minor problem has been resolved in 2017.3. Heck I think I'm the first one to bring it up. When I'm in iTunes when I hit up and down arrow to hear the list of songs in the artists area NVDA incorrectly reports the wrong name of the song. The only way I know it is the song I want is to hit NVDA numb pad 5 With the Seka Braille display I get the same behavior using arrow keys. A lot of my albums on Apple music have a lot of tracks as it is due to them being deluxe versions in most cases. I'm not familiar with Get Hub or WTH its called, so I don't know simple it is to create an account and not sure what to do from that point on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks. the

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